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What's It All About?

Now I know what some of you must be thinking. Jeff has done a lot of strange things concerning this web site but this "Support Shanice Movement" has got to take the cake. Has he lost his mind? Has he gone insane? I assure all of you that I am quite sane and quite serious about all this and to tell you the truth, I didn't come up with this idea alone. Who helped come up with the idea for this page? Why, all of you of course! For the past few years since I first put up "The Unofficial Shanice Home Page," many of you have been telling me how it's a damn shame that a gifted singer like Shanice doesn't get the kind of recognition that other less talented but heavily supported artists do and quite frankly I couldn't agree more. Well, now it's time to do something about it and only loyal hardcore fans like yourself can help make the difference.

Things You Can Do To Support Shanice

  1. Buy every Shanice album that you don't already own. This includes albums like "Inner Child," "Shanice:The Ultimate Collection" and "Shanice." As for others like "Discovery" & "21 Ways To Grow," you may have a little trouble getting a hold of one of these since both are now currently out of print. If that's the case, you can always try used record stores within your local area or even on-line sites like Ebay. But you all better have a copy of the "Shanice" album and if any of you ask me for lyrics to songs off that album, I'll know right away that don't you don't own a CD or cassette of the album that was purchased from the store. You either got one of the earlier promotional copies that record companies use for give-a-ways or you got one of your buddies to dub a copy of it for you. If you fall under this category, you better not admit it to me or anybody else on any of the Shanice message boards otherwise you might definitely get flamed for it! But if you do consider yourself to be a true Shanice fan or if you have a strong desire to become one if you're not already, then you must go out and buy it. Show your love folks!

  2. Call up radio stations and request them to play Shanice. My friend Aries from Shanice World found a web site called World-Wide Black Radio Stations which has a listing of Urban stations in all 50 states of the U.S. and it also has listings of statios around the world as well. Some of them have web sites that you can click onto and request songs by e-mail. So, if it cost too much to call a station outside your area, then just make that request via e-mail.

  3. Help spread the word about Shanice on the internet by either starting your own Shanice fan web site or by also posting messages on newsgroups and bulletin boards. Now if you don't have any interest whatsoever in starting your own Shanice fan site, that's okay. It does take up a lot of free time and effort to take on such a project especially when you have a lot of other things going on in your life. Nevertheless, I encourage you all to at least think about starting your own Shanice sites and I would also be more than happy to offer you whatever assistance that you need in putting one together. It's not as hard as some of you might be thinking and I have a little HTML tutorial in the Extra Goodies section that will give you the minimum basics about how to build your own web page.

  4. Write personal letters of support to Shanice. Although she may not have time to write back to everybody who writes to her, I'm sure that Shanice appreciates hearing from all of her devoted fans. You can send of all of your letters and cards for Shanice to the following address:

    Shanice Friendship Club
    P.O. Box 1587
    South Pasadena, CA. 91031-1587

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