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  • Black Beat Magazine - May 1999 Issue

  • Billboard Magazine - January 9, 1999 Issue

  • BRE Magazine - December 11, 1998 Issue

    Black Beat Magazine - May 1999 Issue

    LaFace Records

    While cynics babble over whether or not a long-absent recording artist can ever effectively regain their original audience (and then some), ever vibrant youthful Shanice re-emerges with her most consistent and musically stunning project yet. Having already segued from bright-eyed teen (remember "I Love Your Smile") to sassy young woman raring to go, with 21 Ways...To Grow (her final Motown set) the 25 year-old songtress makes this astonishing return with her vocal abilities obviously in full bloom.

    Finally graced with the steady, on-point production and songwriting her considerable talents have always deserved, effortlessly amazing-voiced Shanice turns in ten flawless performances, swooping through her full range and wowing us with her continuously surprising power. We kinda knew. But who knew?(Jeff did, damn it!) The fact is, after just a bit of exposure to this remarkable return, we'll never be made to forget that this sister can blow again. Versatile voices, spewing crystal clear notes, without today's obsession with over-done riffing and running, come a dime a dozen.

    Executive produced by star-making LaFace co-CEO's L.A. Reid and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds (along with Pete "Luv" Farmer), Shanice spans the gamut of modern Pop/R&B with one memorable hook after another, and without taking one ounce of the spotlight away from that voice. While many are aquainted with the explosive, joyous soul of the first-released selection, "When I Close My Eyes," that tune merely touches upon the hit-bound qualities that lace this well-produced set. In other words, Shanice should find herself with a few smashes here. Since less trendy material seems to give her striking stylings more room to let loose, the lovers' set may want to treat themselves to the warm and easy "Fly Like An Angel," on which her subtle breathy pipes immediately cast a hypnotic spell; the engulfing, candy-sweet "Fall For You;" and the plaintive piano chords and moving delivery of "Yesterday," an R&B/pop melody to die for. Babyface even manages to bring his simmering, sultry flair to "Ain't Got No Remedy," on which Shanice goes from understated cooing to effortless tea kettle-like octaves. Tightening up the mix a bit are a few radio-ready grooves for her to let her hair down. After all, she's keeping company with hip labelmates like Usher and TLC. Hence, Shanice drops some sass on "Don't Fight It," which bumps along to a dense, streetwise groove; "Just Doin' My Thing" comes on smoothly, yet with shifty, slick beats; and "You Can Bounce" offers up a rubbery funk/R&B rhythm made for head-noddin'. Here's a well-rounded set that's actually worth your dollars. Better be checkin' for Shanice in '99 -- and beyond.

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    Billboard Magazine - January 9, 1999 Issue
    Chuck Taylor

    SHANICE - When I Close My Eyes (3:23)
    PRODUCER: Warryn "Smiley" Campbell
    WRITERS: W. Campbell, T. Savage
    PUBLISHERS: Nyrraw/EMI-April/Marshai/EMI-April, ASCAP LaFace 4353 (CD promo)

    Shanice Wilson, the lady behind such early 90s cuties as "I Love Your Smile" and "Silent Prayer" with Johnny Gill, returns all grown-up under the guiding hand of LaFace Records with a credible R&B slow jam that has a great shot at returning the 25-year-old to radio favor. Since her last album, 1994's "21 Ways To Grow," she appeared in a touring company of "Les Misirables" but has otherwise been lying low. "When I Close My Eyes" shows Wilson praising her man for making her "feel like a woman should." Vocally, she sounds mature, gliding up and down the scale with the greatest of ease, while the production offers some great instrumental hooks and a steady build that peaks with the artist fully seduced by her man. Wilson has made an effective transition here from budding artist with a surprisingly big voice to a full-fledged songbird with wings reaching for the heavens. In a just radio world, she would have a solid hit here.

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    BRE(Black Radio Exclusive) - December 11, 1998 Issue

    Advance (self-titled)

    The is the first we have heard from Shanice Wilson since she left Motown and L.A. Reid signed her. Everyone remembers her for the hit "I Love Your Smile." This project shows a lot of growth for the young lady. Executive producers who bring that voice to this level are L.A. Reid, Babyface, and Pete "LUV" Farmer. The ten tracks include ballads like "Yesterday" that showcase Shanice's vocal ability and upbeat tracks like "When I Close My Eyes" that show a more playful side of Shanice's talent. Overall, the album is very well produced and really shows maturity in Shanice's abilities.

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